Ensconce your home in timelessness.
Our customer service is as enduring as our stone.
Let us beautify your home in ageless granite.






Amazon Brown


Bianco Antico

Bordeaux River

Brazilian Travertine

Butterfly Beige

Butterfly Green

Coffee Brown

Cold Spring

Crazy Horse

Crema Bordeaux

Delicatus Silver



Golden Coast

Golden Flower

Golden Thunder


Medina Brown




New Caledonia

New Venatian Gold



Saint Cecilia

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent Dark

San Luiz

Santa Cecilia Yellow

Siena White

Silver Cloud

St Ceclia

Succuri Light

Surf Green

Taj Mahal

Uba Tuba

White Carrara Marble

White Cashmere

White Ice

White Piracema

White Taupe

White Waves

Stainless Steel







Our granite is as easy to care for as it is visually striking, very little effort yields a beautiful surface.
Our sealing process upon installation lasts approximately 1 to 3 years on lighter colored stone and
5 to 7 years on dark stone before resealing is needed. The natural qualities of the stone endow it with
heat-resistance, scratch-resistance, stain-resistance and bacteria-resistance.


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Mike Alexander





2818 Rossville Boulevard • Chattanooga, Tennessee 37407



Our customers remain our livelihood and pride. 
Celebrated Chattanooga professionals utilizing our quality stone include:
ADR Construction
Rick Agnew
Jerome Arnor
Lamar Benton
Marshall Berry
Linda Brock
Tim Bryant
Casandra Burks
Phil Burke
Mitchel Byrd
Josh Cain
Tracy Cooke
Ron Cofer
Phillip Coyle
Choo Choo Homes
Shane Davis
Pam Edgemon

Emerson Properties
Bill Fine
Stewart Gaines
Stan & Dottie Gunkel Lester Haag
Lee Hartman
Jerry Hawthorne
Bruce Hensley
Jim Hibbs
Claude Hyde
Jason Jolley
Carl Lee
Dale Mabee
Charles Marsh
Ron Marsh
Matthews Construction
Andrew Miller

Mike Moon
Barry Murrey
Noran Patel
Miles Raborn
Chad Robinson
Scenic City Homes
Shomali Construction
Craig Smith
Ed Smith
Tim Spearman
Don Thatcher
Henry Tiptin
Larry Waldrep
Jack Webb
Ned Weigel
Weller Construction
Dexter White




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